SOS is a cryptocurrency mining operation as well as a blockchain-based and great information communications and solution provider. Big data, blockchain-based technologies, cloud storage, AI, satellite, and 5G networks, among other things, form the foundation of SOS’ marketing data, technology, and solutions for insurance and medical rescue services. SOS also developed a cloud-based “software as a service (SaaS)” framework for emergency response agencies, including three main product categories: simple cloud, cooperative cloud, and knowledge cloud. This system offers creative marketing tools to customers in the emergency rescue services industry, including insurance firms, banking firms, educational facilities, healthcare professionals, vehicle dealers, protection vendors, senior living assistance providers, and other service providers.

The Gui’an New District Government granted SOS a national high-tech business designation and “Big Data Star Company.” The Company has filed 99 technological copyrights and two patents to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology advancement.

Statements with a View Toward the Future

Certain comments in this news release could be considered “forward-looking statements” under federal securities legislation, including, though not limited to, our plans for future financial success, growth plans, and business goals. Forward-looking statements can include, among other things, statements about the Company’s:

  • estimated hash rate for its mining rigs;
  • expected mining performance for the second quarter of 2021;
  • commitment to expand and add more mining rigs;
  • willingness to implement its business plan;
  • demand shifts for SOS’ goods and services; and
  • growth plans and prospects.

These forward-looking statements are focused on facts as of the date of this press release, as well as our management’s existing views, estimates, and assumptions, and they provide a variety of decisions, threats, and uncertainties that may trigger real outcomes or output to vary significantly from those stated or implied by these forward-looking statements.

SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS) (the “Business” or “SOS”) reported today that it had reached an agreement to buy 575 Ethereum (ETH) mining rigs accordingy to the lates NYSE SOS news at The Company is entitled to receive approximately 400 GH of ETH hash rate under the deal’s conditions. On or about April 30, 2021, the mining rigs are scheduled to arrive.

This purchase is another move in SOS’s cryptocurrency mining strategy implementation. During this global mining machinery crisis, the Company is pleased to have been able to secure mining capacity.

Mr. Yandai Wang, the CEO of SOS, said, “We believe that cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum, have a bright future. This is part of our larger plan to create blockchain-based environments and services, which will be a key part of our success in 2021 and beyond “.

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